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We at PetroPredict are building technology for early life detection of integrity issues in oil fields before having to run workovers, well logs, or other physical tests on wells.

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How It Works

Using existing geological and production data pulled from various sources, we have determined key indicators for integrity issues using a variety of advanced data analytic techniques. We then use these ‘learnings’ on untested wells to quantify the risk/reward of running new workovers.


Who We Are

Our team consists of engineering & geology specialists, data scientists, and software developers. We have industry experience in both large integrated energy and Silicon Valley technology companies.


Our Work

Advanced data analytic techniques are the powerful backbone of modern technology companies’ decision-making. It allows for the processing of larger quantities of data, better data informed decision-making, and focusing on solutions that provide the greatest reward per capital expenditure . With our industry knowledge, we have applied similar techniques catered towards solving petroleum problems. Email us if you have any questions or want to learn more about how we can use our technology to find insights on your assets and better optimize your production.


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